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Wondecla, Queensland


We offer undisturbed bird- and wildlife watching on our completely forested property, which borders onto the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

The modern self-contained and well-appointed cabin is the only guest accommodation. Our Tall Sclerophyll Forest, with a diverse understorey of flowering and fruiting shrubs, in the ecotone between open woodland and tropical rainforest, represents one of the rare and least protected ecosystems in Australia. This ecosystem supports a great number and diversity of flora and fauna, enhanced by the presence of montane tropical rainforest mainly along our creeks. Animal species lists on our website!

Of course, we try to have a small environmental footprint and there are many features on our property and in the cabin (PV system, rain water, recycling etc.) towards that end.

Title Atherton Tablelands Birdwatchers' Cabin
Features Bushwalking, Wildlife Spotting

Contact Details

Contact person Christina and Thomas
Phone 07 4201 0993
Website http://www.athertontablelandsbirdwatcherscabin.com.au
Email info@athertontablelandsbirdwatcherscabin.com.au


Wondecla QLD 4887, Australia