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- 120 hectares
A wildlife friendly property, habitat corridor and plant regeneration site


Alan and Kay Pearson are the owners of Copperstone, a property located approximately 50km north of Hopetoun. Copperstone is a wildlife-friendly property and is committed to the National Landcare Programme '20 Million Trees' until 2019 and is a participant in the Gondwana Link initiative.

Copperstone is situated in the Ravensthorpe Range and covers 120 hectares in total. Approximately 32 hectares of the property is established, old-growth bush and 70 hectares has recently undergone full restoration with a wide variety of native trees and plants as part of the '20 Million Trees' program. Approximately 16 hectares remain clear for future permaculture use. Vegetation is dominated by eucalypt woodlands with an abundance of wildflowers. Due to its location in the Ravensthorpe Ranges, the property forms a part of a significant biological corridor between the Fitzgerald River National Park and the Great Western Woodlands, and is noted as an area with high biodiversity values and significant mineralisation. Current estimates show 1,324 species of native plants are present in the Ravensthorpe vegetation system and this figure includes at least 58 endemic taxa, and 76 taxa listed as being of conservation significance.

Copperstone provides important habitat for several threatened species of vertebrates and other wildlife including chudditches (Dasyurus Geoffroyi), emus (Dromaius novaehollandiae), western grey (Macropus fuliginosus) and red (Macropus rufus) kangaroos, western pygmy possums (Cercartetus concinnus) and a variety of birds and reptiles.

Property Name Copperstone
Property Size 120 hectares
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Owners Alan and Kay Pearson
Member Since 2016