This month we welcomed a phenomenal 11 new sanctuaries to the Wildlife Land Trust, adding 152 hectares of wildlife-friendly land! The Wildlife Land Trust now totals 577 sanctuaries and spans 64,940 hectares across Australia.

Among our newest members are Brett Krause and Sally Densley, who signed up three amazing rainforest sanctuaries in far-north Queensland.

Wildlife Lands

The 21st edition of Wildlife Lands is just about ready to send out to all our members and supporters. You'll find some fantastic stories from sanctuaries around the country as well as special features about our international partners saving species across the globe. We're more than happy to send out extra copies so if you'd like a few just let us know!

Conservation news

Our ongoing fight to protect dingoes resulted in some much needed good news, as in a surprising turn-around the Western Australian Environment Minister committed to retain the dingo's status as a native species. Decisions like this are more than a classification matter; they afford the dingo the respect it deserves both as a cultural icon and an important part of Australian ecosystems - Read more

Flying foxes

We also applaud the wildlife carers who were the first responders and primary rescuers during the immense heat stress event affecting flying foxes in Cairns. HSI's nomination to uplist the spectacled flying fox to Endangered has been met with three successive delays by the federal government, halting any potential for an effective recovery plan for this species. We hope that if nothing else, this tragedy highlights the need to conserve flying foxes in the face of climate change and habitat loss. Read more here

Weather events

And finally with the recent extreme weather occurring throughout NSW and Queensland our thoughts go out to all affected. We commend everyone who is working to keep the Queensland bushfires contained and people, animals and properties safe and hope everyone is receiving the support they need through this difficult event.