It's been an outstanding year for the Wildlife Land Trust with an amazing 76 sanctuaries joining our network, bringing us to a grand total of 581 sanctuaries and more than 65,000 hectares involved with the program.

From the tropics of far-north Queensland to the arid reaches of Western Australia, WLT sanctuaries have helped to preserve thousands of native species and the ecosystems on which they rely.

It's been an exciting year for us, with the WLT attending the Australian Wildlife Rehabilitation Conference (AWRC), which the WLT proudly sponsored; and the Private Land Conservation Conference (PLCC), where Evan presented a talk on the many contributions of WLT members to conservation.

We were also thrilled to see two Threatened Ecological Communities nominated by Humane Society International gain national protection as endangered ecosystems - great wins for the unique flora and fauna that call these communities home!

Extreme weather conditions saw some terrible tragedies around the country in recent months. Although these events hit hard we were stunned by the amazing response of emergency workers, wildlife carers and everyday people who selflessly came to the aid of those in need. An amazing example of the determination and compassion that shapes our communities!

It's been a big year, and we're looking forward to growing the WLT, sharing your stories and improving the future for wildlife to make 2019 an even bigger one.