This year is off to a great start with six new sanctuaries contributing over 150 hectares to the Wildlife Land Trust! We've now reached 587 sanctuaries helping to preserve over 65,000 hectares of habitat.

Among these is Lina's Refuge, a 60 hectare wildlife sanctuary undergoing extensive bush regeneration to support wildlife corridors and koala habitat.

Around Australia

It's been a wild month for weather with bushfires devastating Tasmania, storms and floods buffeting north Queensland and severe heatwaves affecting the whole country. Be sure to take care of yourselves and remember to check in with friends, family and neighbours – and help out wherever you can! Also a reminder to spare a thought for local wildlife, and keep a list of local wildlife rescuers handy for emergencies!

Conservation News

Although the extreme heat is being felt by everyone, flying-foxes in particular are suffering terribly throughout Cairns, South Australia and Victoria. Late last year a third of the entire Australian population of spectacled flying-foxes died in a cataclysmic heat stress event, despite the dedicated efforts of wildlife carers. Since 2015, Humane Society International has been advocating for them to be listed as Endangered, which would be the first step to improved recognition and protection. Click here to support our nomination and help save spectacled flying-foxes!

We hope you're all feeling refreshed after the holidays and are as excited as we are to tackle a new year of protecting habitat, supporting sustainability and championing for our native species!