This June four new sanctuaries joined the Wildlife Land Trust, contributing over 345 hectares of land to our network!

With 607 sanctuaries covering over 66,000 hectares of wildlife-friendly land, the WLT is making a huge difference for native species and the habitats on which they depend. Among our new sanctuaries is Tree Haven, an extensively regenerated rainforest that provides habitat for lyrebirds, agile wallabies and koalas.

Conservation News

Wombats are one of Australia’s most beloved and iconic species, but the threats facing these creatures are often overlooked and poorly understood. Chief among these is mange, a debilitating and often deadly skin disease which has the potential to wipe out whole populations. Dedicated wombat carer and WLT member Marie Wynan features alongside WLT Head of Programs Evan Quartermain in an in-depth investigation into the devastating effects of mange. By shining some much-needed light on this issue, we hope to continue our fight for a comprehensive, nation-wide mange management plan. Read more here.

After excessive delays by her predecessors, Environment Minister Sussan Ley has listed three of HSI’s nominated Threatened Ecological Communities, a fantastic outcome for an issue that we’ve been fighting for years. These now nationally protected woodlands are home to a huge array of wildlife including koalas, Tasmanian devils, swift parrots and black cockatoos, and total over one and a half million hectares! Read more about them in our blog here: