Australia has had a very difficult start to the year, with countless people including many Wildlife Land Trust members impacted by the terrible bushfires, droughts and heatwaves this summer has brought.

We have been thrilled to welcome 51 new sanctuaries to the Wildlife Land Trust network this year, with this sustained growth bringing us to a total of 632 sanctuaries and over 70,000 hectares of wildlife-friendly private land!

This November five new sanctuaries joined the Wildlife Land Trust, contributing over 1,661 hectares to our wildlife-friendly network!

Six new sanctuaries have joined the Wildlife Land Trust this October, contributing 41.37 hectares of private land to our wildlife-friendly network.

With the arrival of spring we’ve welcomed four new sanctuaries to the Wildlife Land Trust, adding 993 hectares to our network which has now passed 67,500 hectares of wildlife-friendly land!