New South Wales: Quoll Headquarters - 164 hectares - Steve Haslam

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Victoria: Witchwood - 9.1 hectares - Jill Redwood

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Queensland: The Roost - 39.75 hectares - Lynn Childs

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Tasmania: Lyn and Geoff's Refuge - 10 hectares - Lyn and Geoff Murray

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Western Australia: Tippaburra Valley - 2470 hectares - Buddy Kent

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New South Wales: Falls Forest Retreat - 80 hectares - Mary White

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Victoria: Wingura - 2.5 hectares - Suzanne and John Brandenberger

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Queensland: Cooper Creek Wilderness - 66.74 hectares - Prue Hewett

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TAS: Opossum Bay Cottage - Victoria Paine


Victoria Paine is the owner of Opossum Bay Cottage, a sanctuary located in Lady Barron, on Flinder's Island, Tasmania. The property is a residence and wildlife-friendly sanctuary, and Victoria intends to maintain it as such whilst preserving and rehabilitating habitat for wildlife. Victoria is also in the process of documenting the wildlife, particularly birds, on her property and in the Flinder's Island region. 



Opossum Bay Cottage covers approximately 6.5 hectares across coastal scrublands and regrowth bushland.Vegetative species present include blue gums (Eucalyptus globulus), grey saltbushes (Atriplex cinerea), blue tussock grass (Poa poiformis) and coastal tea trees (Leptospermum laevigatum).



Wildlife known to inhabit the sanctuary includes native fauna and a wide variety of birds. Birdlife is abundant and includes Tasmanian scrubwrens (Sericornis humilis), pied oystercatchers (Haematopus longirostris), white-headed petrels (Pterodroma lessonii), Southern boobooks (Ninox novaeseelandiae), silvereyes (Zosterops lateralis) and green rosellas (Platycercus caledonicus).



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