New South Wales: Quoll Headquarters - 164 hectares - Steve Haslam

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Victoria: Witchwood - 9.1 hectares - Jill Redwood

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Queensland: The Roost - 39.75 hectares - Lynn Childs

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Tasmania: Lyn and Geoff's Refuge - 10 hectares - Lyn and Geoff Murray

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Western Australia: Tippaburra Valley - 2470 hectares - Buddy Kent

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New South Wales: Falls Forest Retreat - 80 hectares - Mary White

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Victoria: Wingura - 2.5 hectares - Suzanne and John Brandenberger

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Queensland: Cooper Creek Wilderness - 66.74 hectares - Prue Hewett

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Down to Earth Front Gate


VIC: Down to Earth Farm Retreat - Graham and Debbie Blackley

Graham and Debbie Blackley are the owners of Down to Earth Farm Retreat, a property located approximately 20km north east of Bairnsdale. The property is a wildlife-friendly farm offering small-scale, sustainable, environmentally conscious accommodation. It is Graham and Debbie's intent for the property to continue to be used in its current purposes and to provide more fencing to keep stock away from sanctuary areas.


Down to Earth Garden


Down to Earth Farm Retreat covers 53 undulating hectares and is south facing with three paddocks and fenced off natural vegetation and bush areas. Vegetation is varied and includes native grasslands, a peat wetland and the steep areas of the property are covered mainly by box-ironbark forest comprising of white (Eucalyptus microcarpa) and red (E. polyanthemos) box gums, red ironbarks (E. tricarpa), red stringybarks (E. macrorhyncha) and wattles (Acacia spp.).


Down to Earth creek


Wildlife known to inhabit the sanctuary includes eastern grey kangaroos (Macropus giganteus), swamp wallabies (Wallabia bicolor), bare-nosed wombats (Vombatus ursinus), short-beaked echidnas (Tachyglossus aculeatus), brushtail (Trichosurus vulpecula) and ringtail (Pseudocheirus peregrinus) possums and sugar gliders (Petaurus breviceps). The property also supports an abundance of bird life including crimson rosellas (Platycercus elegans), Australian king parrots (Alisterus scapularis), galahs (Eolophus roseicapilla), Sulphur-crested cockatoos (Cacatua galerita), rainbow lorikeets (Trichoglossus moluccanus), black-cockatoos (Calyptorhynchus spp.), pied currawongs (Strepera graculina), wattlebirds (Anthochaera spp.), eastern spinebills (Acanthorhynchus tenuirostris) and wedge-tailed (Aquila audax) and white-bellied sea (Haliaeetus leucogaster) eagles.


Down to earth Accommodation


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